Thursday, March 18, 2010

Camp Unite 2010

UNITE TO SUCCESS..That was the motto for this year's camp "CAMP UNITE" which took place from the 12th to 13th of March.Thank god and thanks to all the OC, that camp went on smoothly without facing any terrible ordeal =) .. It was a fun and successful camp as we had our camp with the other uniform unit such as the scouts and KRS.Also not forgetting our ex-senior who had joined us for the camp =P ...Here are pictures, enjoy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kem Unite 2010 !!

Venue : SMK Subang Jaya

Date and Time : 12th March 2010 (8.00pm) - 14th March 2010 (12.00pm)

p/s : All ex-seniors are invited to come and join the fun (:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Giving A Helping Hand To The Kids

On the 6th of March 2010, SKSSJ had their annual sports day and they had invited us to help them out as they had no first aiders.While, we were having our kawat practise at the same time.6 of us me(vincent),Shar Min,Siow Chiun,Bharani,Jia Ping and Jin Jet had left the school to help them out(SKSSJ).I would like to apologize to Suganiya for taking some of your kawat members =P..Luckily nothing serious happened during the day, no broken bones, no one fainted, no one are the pictures taken during the day

Its Spongebob

Someone's going down

Its a hot day!

Sukan Tara

Here are a few pictures taken on that day, not that much injuries though..Enjoy

RCM 27-3-2010

Another RCM on the 27-3-2010, few activities were carried out such as the straw game and treasure hunting(to find the missing items in the PC Box)...Soon, it was PC time as the Sukan Tara was around the corner.As the RCM ended, we then continued on with our kawat practise.That is all, cheers.. =)