Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To all SPM candidates,


Ms. Jocelyn Tang - our former Ms. President,
Ms. Elaine Ong - our former Ms. Vice President,
Ms. Chan Jia Ying - our former Ms. Secretary,
Ms. Dineshwary - our former Ms. Treasurer,
Mr. Sughan Rao- our former Mr. QM 1,
Mr. Tan Shea Hou - our former Mr. QM 2,
Mr. Hartrishen - our former Training Officer,
Mr. Thong Chee Whei - our former Internal Affairs Officer,
Ms. Bhindia - our former Ms. Humanitarian Officer and
Mr. Thirupathi Rao - our former Emergency Officer 1.

Good luck & all the best for SPM!
We know you guys can do it!
This is the time to shine! 
Do your best & make us proud! :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is It, the Final Destination Meeting..

Hello readers.
First of all, I'd like to apologize for being super duper lame.
I'm talking about the post title, yes. Haha.

So, yesterday, we had our last & final RCM for the year.
Yup, it surprises me too, how time passes us by so fast.

We started off with warm up session, before doing Perasmian.

Then, we had Perasmian.
After Perasmian, we jumped straight to PC.

Situations that we might encounter during a party.
Catching fire, drowning in a pool, electrocuted, and choking.
Caught fire

Second situation; drowning.

Another recovery position. Head down, legs up.
THE recovery position.


After PC, Kawad was next.

Back to games!


And that was how the last RCM went.
For those who weren't there, sorry for you, cos we had lots & lots of fun, dear :\

Well, that's all for now, I guess.
See you all, next year? :)

Have a great holiday, be safe, take care of yourselves.
To Form 5s, good luck for your SPM (Sijil Paling Menakutkan, haha, kidding). Do it well, make us proud! :D

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Singing out,
Nat (QM) :)