Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello fellow readers.
Once again, we apologise for not updating the blog as often as we could.

So, how's the end year holiday for you people?
Hope it was great and a memorable one for everyone.
If it's not satisfying enough for you, you've 6 more days to satisfy your holiday mood :D

Oh yes, congratulations to all Form 3's on your PMR result! :))
Especially our ASLs and Form 3 members!
We're definitely proud of you! :)

To our ex-Form 5's seniors, we're sad to see you go :(
The school and the society would definitely feel different without you.
Just, we wish you well and good luck for the coming life.
Enjoy your freedom for now :D

Lastly, Happy Belated Christmas for all. (1Malaysia right? *wink)
And Happy New Year 2011! :)