Friday, June 12, 2009


These are among the few of our very humble achievements for the past few years :

2005 -Kawad kaki daerah 2nd place (senior team)
-Best commander (Najihah Hawari)
-3rd place (junior team)

2007 -Kawad kaki daerah 3rd place 2008
-Sports day marching 2nd place

2008 -attended the National Youth and Volunteer Camp at Serdang

2009 -Sports day marching 3rd place
-Kawad kaki daerah best commander (Jocelyn Tang)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey everyone! A very warm welcome to our blog.
This blog is created mainly for us the Red Crescent members of SMK Subang Jaya to stay in touch with the Red Crescent members of all the various schools around and also to keep all of you guys out there updated with our past, present and future events and activities.
We hope this will help strenghten the bond between us schools and members as well.
Do keep in mind that this blog is still very very new so there is without a doubt more to come. So do read up and stay updated. Also feel free to leave a comment as well. They will all be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

B.O.D OF BSMM SL (Y) 119

President: HSL Jocelyn Tang Phaik Lin

Vice President: SL Elaine Ong Ming-San

Secretary: SL Chan Jia Ying

Treasurer: SL Dineshwary a/p Nadthan

Quatermaster 1: SL Sughan Rao

Quartermaster 2: SL Tan Shea Hao

Training Officer 1: ASL Hartrishen Singh Walia

Training Officer 2: ASL Hairul Ameelda

Internal Affair Officer: ASL Thong Chee Whei

Humanitarian Officer: ASL Bhindia Pooja Sharma

Emergency Officer 1: ASL Thirupathi Rao

Emergency Officer 2: ASL Liyana binti Yamin