Sunday, April 25, 2010

Check it out!

Here are some of the pictures that have been taken by our Mr. Pres yesterday. More pictures coming your way when I get the pictures from Ayuni, the assigned BSM Form 4 photographer for the event :)

Registration table.

One of our donors, Anusha, Form 5 student of SMKSJ.

Will update again with more pictures yeah. 
Stay tuned! :)

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who came to our blood donation yesterday to give your support to us.
It was wonderful of you guys to want to donate your blood, too :)
A big, big thanks to all our ex-seniors, Arief Tajuddin, Arif Razif, Shaung, Elaine Ong & their friends for donating blood & also coming to support the cause.
Another big thank you to the 17 years olds - including our own Secretary, Liyana Yamin - who had to get parents'/ teacher's signature to donate blood. It shows how much you care :))

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blood Donation: Donate Blood & Save Lives..

Saturday, 24th April 2010, SMK SUBANG JAYA will be having it's Canteen Day yet again.
And this time, BSM SL(Y) 119 will be having a 
Blood Donation drive 
with the  
Klang Hospital.

This cause is taking place in our school hall, Dewan Sri SMKSJ, from 8.30am to 3pm.

You are eligible to donate IF:

- You are in good health on that day.
- You are between 18 to 60 years of age
- You weigh more than 45 KG
- You had more than 5 hours of sleep
- You are free from any medical problems
eg. high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, operation <6 months
- You have not taken any antibiotics in the last one week
- You are not pregnant or just delivered
- You have taken breakfast or light lunch before donating blood
- You are NOT involved in any of the following:
* Homosexual relationships
* Bisexual relationship
* Multiple sexual partners
* Having sexual contact with those mentioned above
* Drug abuse
* Interval between your last donation is more than 3 months

Do come and spread the word about this blood donation.
Your blood means a lot to those who need them the most.
Karma rule: What goes around comes around.
So, help someone today and you'll get your turn when you need other's help :))

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sports Day!

Yesterday, 3rd of April 2010, our school had had its Sports Day.
So, we BSM SL(Y) 119, took part in the Marching Competition,
and also carried out our duties as first aiders.
Here are some pictures.
Hope these pictures will tell you more about what happened yesterday.
Enjoy! :)

Preparations before the march competition.
AJKs helping the members with their uniforms.

Yes, be like Vinesh. Don't be too nervous :D

Before the lintas hormat.
Our pemegang pelekat this year, Veeloshini.

On the track, right before the lintas hormat.
Puan Sasni and ex-seniors.

Our guru-guru penasihat, Puan Sasniwati and Puan Dalbir :)

The Lintas Hormat.
Our lintas hormat.
Our banner! *mind you, we were the only one with a banner! :)

PC Duty
One of the checkpoints during the intervals.
From left; Eugene, Vinesh, Srooti, Siow Chiun and ASL Suganiya :)
Our Form 3 probate, Bharani, treating a patient, and our member watching him to learn.
PC team with our outstanding Guru Penasihat, Puan Dalbir.
After Sports Day ended.

Though we didn't win, the experience that all of us got made it all worth it, yes?

Till then.