Friday, January 29, 2010

First RCM 2010

2010, be good!
Another new year has arrived again, and here comes another RCM.On the 9.1.2010, we had our very first RCM of the year.There are many new faces from the form 1's eager to learn something, well...not as many compared to the next RCM which was on the following week 16.1.2010.About 45 form 1 members showed up on that day(thanks to our very own Izzati for spreading the news).Anyway, both RCM went well which is pretty good to start of the New Year.We also hope to spread the message "The Power of Humanity" to all the new members this year and thanks for choosing BSM =) -vincent-

Pn Dalbir giving some advice

Intro Time