Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hi All!

The wait is finally over..

On the 15 of September 2012 held the most unforgettable event marked for the BSMM SL (Y) 119 2012/2013 Board!

        OUR ANNUAL BSMM SL (Y) 119 INSTALLATION 2012/2013

                         WITH PASSION WE SERVE

The event consisted of :        Our guest of honour 
                          Puan Sri Aisya Binti Haji Shamsuddin,
                          Naib Presiden BSMM Cawangan Petaling.
                               Puan Tunsiah Bt Rais,
                              BSMM Cawangan Petaling.
                                   Encik Lee Huat,
                              Penolong Kanan Sesi Petang.

                              Puan Roshayati Bt. Salleh,
                                Ketua Guru Penasihat.
                                 Guru Penasihat                        
                         Puan Nor Zuhrin Binti Mohd Radzi

                          Encik Supramaniam A/L Kupusamy,
                             Puan Azrina Binti Suboh,
                           Puan Suraya Binti Abdul Malik.

                          OUR AWESOME DEDICATED MEMBER'S
                               BELOVED EX-SENIORS
                         SMKSJ PASUKAN PENGAKAP 61ST PETALING
                                 SMKSJ KELAB LEO
                                 SMKSJ PENGAWAS
                                SMK SUBANG UTAMA BSMM
                                 SMK SS 17 BSMM
                                 SMK USJ 4 BSMM
  Your Presence was greatly appreciated by us BSMM SL (Y) 119 2012/2013

To kick start the event we sang the negaraku,Selangor and Bsmm followed by doa by Farhan Aiman and a speeches by our  head teacher advisor and a speech by Puan Sri Aisya Binti Haji Shamsuddin followed  by the OFFICIAL opening CEROMONY!!

A wonderful Speech by our ex- President Veeloshini Thiruchelvam

Installed members of Bsmm SL (Y) 119 2011/2012

            Announcement of the new board of Committee in Board of BSMM SL (Y) 119

Internal Affair : ASL Liyana Bt Haznan

Training Officer : ASL Ngo Yew Yung

Quatermaster:  SL Benjamin Chun Shet

Treasurer : SL Shasvini Murali

Secretary:  SL Merissa Ann

Vice President :  SL Goh Yen Joe

President :  HSL Prasad Karuanethi

BSMM SL (Y) 119 Pledge lead by our President  HSL Prasad Karunanethi.

 An Inspiring speech by our President 2012/2013: HSL Prasad Karunaneti

Certification of EX- board member of BSMM 2011/2012


Exclusive performance by Arvind Emim
                                                             Awesome Beat boxing :) 

 Dance Performance by The Form 1 

 Lastly Performance By The BOARD OF 2012/ 2013 

After performance,there was a small break to grab for lunch :)



There was a bunch of fun interactive game played 

We played  the game TRAIN!

PUMPING UP THE VOLUME IN SMKSJ HALL (more like the dance floor  )

Dancing along with Leo members!


Our Members PARTY-ING 



The board of BSMM SL(Y) 119 batch of 2012/2013 would officially like to wish all out MEMBERS and EX-SENIORS for attending our Annual BSMM SL(Y) 119 Installation. Not Forgetting a Special THANK YOU TO OUR BELOVED SENIORS OF BSMM SL (Y) 119 2011/2012, FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE WITH US IN TIMES OF TROUBLES,GUIDANCE THAT YOU GAVE US IN TIME OF NEEDS AND FOR ALSO BEING AN AWESOME SENIOR TO US...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR Everything.. words can never ever describe how LUCKY,BLESSED AND THANKFUL we are for having you all has our SENIORS.. KEEP STAYING AWESOME!!!

                   GOOD LUCK FOR SPM!!
                     MAKE US PROUD !!