Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heyya :)

Hey guys.
Sorry for being away for sooo sooo long. Err, about half a year to be exact. Whoopsy!
Anyways, A LOT has happened since July.
Some of the things are:

  • PMR.
  • new BOD :D
  • Hari Raya :P
  • Deevapali :D
  • SPM
  • Christmas
  • oh and PMR results!
  • BSM End Year party!
Yeaaaah. It's been that long, eh? We apologise once again for being away for so long.
By the way, it's Natasha here, from BOD 2010/2011. So by right, I should not even be updating this blog :P S'okay, last post here, yeah :) ( new BOD, someone come get the email and password from me! :O )

Anyways, New Year 2012 is coming in less than 96 hours! 
So Happy Early New Year to all from us BSM SLY 119 SMK SUBANG JAYA! :)
Have a great year ahead and remember to visit us here! :)

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